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Backyard Clean-Up


We recognize the significance of a clean backyard, and that's why we're here to help.


Our Backyard Clean-Up service is flexible, offering options for once, twice, three times per week, or every other week. We tailor our service dates and visit frequency to align with your landscaping and scheduling preferences.


Enhance your experience with our Enzyme-Based Lawn Deodorizing Service, available at an additional cost.

Because a clean and fresh outdoor space is what your furry friends deserve!

Community Parks and HOAs

Dog Waste Station Service

Dedicated to servicing homeowner associations, neighborhood associations, local governments, and municipalities. Partnering seamlessly with community managers, we specialize in crafting and executing tailored dog waste management plans that cater to the unique needs and budgets of each community.

If dog waste is posing a challenge in your community, our expert team is here to provide effective solutions. Let's work together to ensure a clean and enjoyable environment for everyone


The Dog Waste Station Service Includes:

  • Emptying dog waste stations on a weekly basis
  • Removing all waste within a six foot radius of waste stations
  • Restocking the dog poop bag dispensers each week as needed
  • Maintaining an inventory of all supplies
  • Ensuring that all stations are in good working order at all times


Additional Waste Station Services:

  • Installation
  • Lubricating the locks
  • Thightening hardware
  • Performing repairs as necessary


Community Common Area Clean-Up

We take the initiative to identify and address specific areas of concern in the common grounds of your community. Our dedicated team will establish a tailored maintenance schedule to ensure these areas remain consistently poop-free. Examples of targeted spaces include picnic areas, walking paths, playground surroundings, mailbox clusters, and more.

Pet Services

Dog Walking

Enjoy the flexibility of setting a weekly schedule or contacting us for a last-minute walk. We ensure your furry friends get water after the walk and can even provide feeding upon your request.


Pet Sitting
Skip the stress of boarding! Our pet sitting service offers visits once, twice, or three times a day to ensure your pets are fed, walked, and exercised while you're at the office or away on a trip.


Vet Transportation
When you can't manage to get your pet in the car, are unable to drive, or simply need assistance transporting them to the vet, count on us. Vet transportation must be scheduled in advance and is designed for non-emergency situations, ensuring your furry companions reach the vet safely.

Your pet's well-being is our top priority!

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