Pet Care Tips

Keep abreast of the latest in pet care news as well as helpful hints for a happier pet.

Tip of the day: How to brush your pet effectively

Start brushing from the bottom, and work your way up. Comb thoroughly after brushing to detect any matting or tangles you may have missed with your brush.

Summer Tips:


  • Never, ever leave your dog in the car;
  • Make sure your dog has unlimited access to fresh water;
  • Make sure your dog has access to shade when outside;
  • Take walks during the cooler hours of the day;
  • When walking, try to stay off of hot surfaces (like asphalt) because it can burn your dog's paws;
  • If you think it's hot outside, it's even hotter for your pet – make sure your pet has a means of cooling off;
  • Keep your dog free of external parasites (fleas, ticks) and heartworms – consult your veterinarian about the best product for your pet;
  • Consider clipping or shaving dogs with long coats (talk to your veterinarian first to see if it's appropriate for your pet), and apply sunscreen to your dog's skin if she or he has a thin coat.


Winter Tips:


Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy During a Blizzard


• Store up activities for dogs and cats to do while you're together indoors.

• Stock up ahead of time on all pet food and medicine your animals may need over the weekend—travel may be much more difficult or impossible in the event of a blizzard.

• Prepare for a power outage, especially if your family includes fish, reptiles or pocket pets.

• Have a coat and booties ready for any dog who needs them. Be ready to protect your pets from very strong wind and cold.

• Make sure your pets wear identification at all times (even better: have them microchipped as well) to dramatically increase your chances of reunification should one become lost.

• Keep your dog on a leash after heavy snowfall. Dogs are much more likely to get lost during winter, especially during and after a blizzard.

• Watch out for ice melts! Snow-melting salt can be very painful to dogs’ feet and can make pups ill if ingested, so make sure to clean off your dog’s paws with a moist washcloth after a walk.

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